“He’s dead.” “Melissa, please, I’m not an amateur.” | AU where Melissa is revealed as Black Widow and Wren is Charles/A.









I made a more accurate script, since they were four


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Thanks for this. Makes so much more sense now.

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You guys make the show bearable, thank you.

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I thought Cece was torturing the girls to see if Ali would come save them

So that Cece could confirm Ali is alive??

Which still makes no sense because she still tortured them

But whatever “The game is a drug”

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  • Jason dilaurentis:

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GUYS!! I don’t know if you heard or not but Marlene fucking King stole the ending from the NBC show Passions

Passions has a character called Vincent who was seperated from his family and then came back to get revenge on them. He used to wear a mask that represented a half man/hal f woman and blackmail everyone. A new character came and her name was Valerie. Valerie was revealed to be Vincent as a woman. 

also Vincent slept with his brother. mhm..

Marlene fan sued for that right..

Would you look at that. How DO you steal and still fuck it up?

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OK, Let’s get this straight


Things most people are upset about:

  • Sara Harvey as Red Coat/Black Veil with an unknown motive, after appearing in 9 episodes
  • The thought that Cece dated Jason, even if it wasn’t romantic
  • Plot holes such as
    • A texts, timeline, and multiple unanswered questions
  • Being lied to about
    • the possibility of Charles being transgender
    • things we (assumed) would be addressed 
  • How Marlene, other writers and directors (esp. Norman) are handling this
  • How rushed the episode was, and how low quality it was made
  • Marlene having to answer questions in an outside interview 

Things most people are NOT upset about:

  • Cece as A (the clues were all there, and she was a suspect of mine)< br>
  • Charles/Cece being transgender (it had crossed my mind as well)

I feel there is a lot of misunderstanding going on within the PLL community and I hope this clears some things up

Mrs. D





Did anyone else get the vibe that Mrs. D committed suicide? I know we’ve been thinking she was murdered, but I’m sure she felt pretty terrible when she found out that she buried Ali alive. She could have taken some of those pills she knew would cause her heart to stop, started writing the email to Cece about not being able to protect her anymore, and gone out to the yard to die by her roses or something.

I thought the same because it’s literally the only explanation that m akes sense now if Cece didn’t do it. Who else would even have a motive to?

I think Uber A did it.

“to die by her roses or something” LMAO, I love that. That’s probably what they’ll tell us.




Even Troian knows what’s up. Can she just become the head writer already?


It’s nice to know not everyone is oblivious these days.




So the new bar in town is called The Radley…

What the what?! 

this is like borderline offensive? tbh

Jason and Kenneth were literally paid to lie on the floor for 45 mns


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Why are people saying “Marlene King is so creative with her ending??!” NO she literally took the ending from the book and switched genders and tried to pass it off as her own. She stole the ending of the book series, which she said she wouldn’t do






Note:Theres a whole buzzfeed article about how its the exact plot of a soap opera


The buzzfeed article is ON POINT

Told you all it is a soap opera. But Marlene, if you had to “steal,” why couldn’t you steal a theory from tumblr? 

if she had properly stolen the story from the book the finale would have been ON POINT,


Marlene said in her buzzfeed interview that the few fans that didn't like it are just transphobic. I just can't with this woman anymore.



I promise you that’s not the reason people are unhappy. That could have been an incredible story. It fell flat.

Wow I cannot believe Marlene said that. I just lost so much respect for her.

He� is not Charlotte or CeCe or Charles. It�s a different person the girls are coming to warn Alison about.

Marlene on the ‘He’ from the time jump (via )

Her dad??

I think they changed their original A story line after that supposed production assistant was fired from the set. Since they leaked a story that made complete sense and ABC & Marlene probably didn't wanna keep that ending because everyone knew. That's why there is so many flaws in the Cece storyline.


Man I wouldn’t be surprised